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Donny: The Making of Me

Here I am, standing on a place that I had never even dared to dream of, On the top of my career as an Engineer. It is so amazing to feel and to see where I am right now. I only one thing to say to Allah, Alhamdulillah.

If I look back to the place where I started this journey, in a town of Padang, West Sumatra, I would still suprise with my achievement. Rolling back my time in 1973 when I was a kid starting his first grade of primary school as an ordinary kid from ordinary family.

We were not come from a rich family. In fact, my father was die three years after I was born. I should gave a full credit to my mum for her strength to nurture me with full of compassion so that I can be a strong boy as I am here now.

I was not a genius student in my time, eventhough I was always number one in the class during primary school. But when I went to Secondary and High School, I had barely touched the taste of number one in the class. Maybe because I was too lazy to do a math, chemist, biology, physics. I ws more interested in football. In fact, I joined a local football club in Padang when I was 15 years old.

The good thing was, maybe, I had an IQ of 120. So, during high school, I managed to keep my performance quite steady so that had attracted a guy in University of Indonesia to invite me to come to undertake of Mechanical Engineering degree without having to sit for a test.

I was totaly shock with the invitation. To be honest, my ranking at High School was numbered 4 at the class, every year. That was all I could do. But, still, it enough to convince sombody out there to bring me over to Salemba Jakarta, in 1985.

I was’nt really enjoy my time in Jakarta especially on the first year. This is mainly because I kept trying to find away to go overseas studying at university in US or UK, which I failed.

Then Along came IKPT to Depok.

That was the turning point of my life. I started to work at that company in 1990, before I even graduated from my degree. I remembered when I met my colleague at the first time in Supomo office who came from others top University in such as ITB and ITS.

The amazing things about my new colleague was most or all of them were a top student in their campus. They had a IPK of above 3.0, even one of them got 3.75. And me, hell no, I was way below that number, even below 2.5. What a heck.

Then I knew I had to work very hard, harder from them.

I have some kind of like watching movie, especially hollywood movie. Who didn’t?
But, I might be different. Because everytime I saw the movie, then automatically, my mind was flying to the place on that movie, imagining living over there, talking with people over there. Then, I often talking to myself in English, off course not in front of people who gonna say I was crazy.

No. I did it in my room, in fron of mirror. I didn’t care whether usefull or not. I just kind a like it.

Then I realized that when I worked with IKPT, it became very useful, I mean my english capability.
So then I work hard, learnt something new, and try to talking in english frequently.

From then on, my career was moving fast. IKPT sent me to Los Angeles in 1995, then to London 1997, Paris 2000.

Then I decided to go alone to Singapore 2003, and London 2004 until today. I never look back.

I realize that my succeed is not only depend on my IQ, my degree. But it need a work hard, study hard, and you need to be in the right environment so that can spur you on.

I am only mechanical engineer from University of Indonesia. Nothing more, nothing less. I am not petroleum engineer nor master or phd. Just an ordinary engineer.

Forget about your IQ, forget about your degree or whatever. If you do not work hard, study hard and you are not in the environtment which can force you to going further, then you are nobody.

Even if you just graduate from High School or got only diploma, believe me, if you got a guts, work hard, then you can be success.

Here I am. For the first time in my life, I’ve got an offer from, now from 4 country, which will put me a same pool with western expart, equal.

That is my aim. To make them realized that even we are from Indonesia, it does not mean they can pay us less then any other nation.

That is the message.

So I am really hoping that one day, our engineer will be treated and paid as same as our western counterpart in any other country in the world.

Passport is not counted. Only your experienced and capability will count.

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  1. pak doni betul2x rolemodel bagi saya yg seorang mahasiswa UI (semester 7). trima kasih untuk sharingnya. saat saya “menemukan” blog pak doni 3 bulan lalu, saat itu saya baru menyadari apa yg harus saya lakukan sekarang dan utk kedepan. saya mohon jangan berhenti menulis pak doni, karena saya yakin tulisan bapak telah menginspirasi banyak mahasiswa seperti saya. i’ll always read ur blog. keep writing sir.


  2. I am totally (1000%) agree with your comments,
    Bang Donny, especially the last four paragraphs
    in your message:-)
    We are all the same human being, thing that makes
    us different in our professional career is
    competence, which construed by our experience,
    skill, knowledge and capability…

    Have a very good day to you …


  3. Pak Donny,
    Your words are truly inspiring me. Even thought we are Indonesian, always been credited as “bangsa babu”, we will never stop struggle to achieve better from our western counterpart.
    BSt Sati


  4. nice blog pak..
    i have just started my engineer’s life…and it’s fun…
    and i am proud to say “i am indonesian”…




  5. awakened story from our senior …even thought my age is has been old 40 years old I want to be a piping design , nothing to be late…right Pak doni…


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