Life in The UK

One Fine Autumn Day in London

This is supposed to be an autumn season, when the leaves fall down, and the temperature goes down as well, while the sun will hide away.

These days supposed to be a typical English Weather, dump and wet.

But it’s not. Definitely not. Completely different with what we supposed to have.

Since the beginning of October, the leaves have not fallen yet, the sun have not hid away, the temperature have not dropped either.

In fact, the sun shines, the temperature is mild, around 10 to 17 C, even one fine saturday it goes up to 20 C, what a lovely day.

Although last night was raining, but this morning is really wonderful. Off course, you still need a jacket or pull-over or jumper, but you don’t need a thick insulation.

Lunch time is even better. Sun shines brightly with outside temperature around 17C. I love to go outside and have a good walk under the sun, watching people come and go at Paddington Station, which most of them are tourist from Europe continent.

This morning, I woke up late, around 7 o’clock. Still dark outside, when I look through my apartment windows. By the time I was ready, it’s already 7.30 and the sun has started his duty.

Walking down the road from my appartment to the Wimbledon Station took me about 10 minutes. Oh, I forgot to tell you, that I am moving into my new apartment since last week. So, I have been busy moving my stuffs to the new place.

It is not completely neat and tyde yet, but it is improving since last saturday.

It was total mess on Saturday and Sunday. Lots of boxes, bags and books, especially my son’s book.

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  1. Bung Doni, Minal aidhin walfa izin “Maaf lahir & Bathin”.
    ane lg di chiyoda so Lebaran ga pulang.
    Salam sukses slalu.



  2. Taqobalallahu minna wa minkum Taqobbal ya karim..
    Minal aidzin wal faizin mas don…

    Mohon maaf lahir dan batin.
    Selamat idul fitri 1428 H


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